March 08 . Version 2.5 out now

The new Alloy version 2.5 for Samplitude 10 now supports automation controls. New Collapsible Track Editor for better fit on all screen resolutions. The Silver Alloy Long Faders Mixer now includes eight Aux Sends and Inserts. (see all screenshots above).

Version 2.0 Skin customers can receive a FREE Upgrade by contacting sales (at) The suites are exclusively available from Orange Hill Audio USA.

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August 07 . Version 2.0 Out now

The Alloy Suites meet SAM/SEQ V9. New skins. New features. Improved design.

The extensive Silver Alloy suite includes now:

- 2 VIP Skins,

- 2 Transport Skins,

- 8 Mixer Skins plus 4 peakmeter variants.

A Silver Alloy highlight is the new long faders mixer.

All 2.0 suites run with Sam/Seq V9 only.

List of all changes in version 2.0